New Jack Daniel's Tennessee Seltzer

Jack Danile's Tennessee Seltzer is the perfect mix of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and sparkling water, with a twist of natural fruit flavours. Inspired by classic cocktails that complement the whiskey. The result is a bold premix with a fresh new taste.

Cocktail inspired flavours
Made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
6.5% ALC/VOL, <160 Calories, 330ML CANS
Zesty Lemon

Inspired by the whiskey sour cocktail

The taste of freshly squeezed lemon is expertly blended with the bold flavours of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey to create a product that is subtly sweet and perfectly tangy.



Blood Orange

Inspired by the old fashioned cocktail

Vibrant blood orange with hints of grapefruit and raspberry is wonderfully complemented by the subtle vanilla notes of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey to create a drink with the optimal amount of sweetness.