Stories always get better in the retelling. And in the case of Mr. Jack Daniel, the distillery that bears his name, and the world-famous whiskey that emerges from the hollows of Lynchburg, Tennessee, there is no shortage of stories to be told. Lucas Hendrickson hosts Around the Barrel, the official podcast of Jack Daniel’s, as we set out to tell those stories.




Season 1

In this season, our host Lucas Hendrickson sits down with those responsible for making every drop of
Jack Daniel’s like Master Distiller Jeff Arnett, those on the ground in Lynchburg like distillery tour guide
Ben Spears, friends of the brand like R&B singer and songwriter K. Michelle, and insiders with tips of the trade like Brand Ambassador Eric Tecosky.

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out to tell these stories and more on Around the Barrel, the official podcast of Jack Daniel’s.



Episode 1: Stories From The Hollow With Tour Guide Ben Spears

Tour guide Ben Spears shares the history and legend of Jack Daniel’s, along with his favorite stories from Lynchburg, Tennessee, where every drop of Jack Daniel’s is crafted.



Episode 2: "What's Tennessee Whiskey?" with Master Distiller Jeff Arnett

Considered by many to have the best job in the world, Jack Daniel's Master Distiller Jeff Arnett talks about the world of whiskey and bourbon, and what makes Jack Daniel's unique. 



Episode 3: Getting To Know A Souther Peach with K.Michelle

In her song "Amen," R&B singer and songwriter K. Michelle writes, "Jack Daniel's is the only man I'll ever trust." In this episode of Around the Barrel, we learn more about her new album and her love for Jack.



Episode 4 : Behind the Bar with Eric "ET" Tecosky

Jack Daniel's Brand Ambassador Eric "ET" Tecosky talks mixology and serves up some tips for making the perfect cocktail at home. 



Episode 5 : A Family Tradition with Assistant Master Distiller Chris Fletcher

Assistant Master Distiller Chris Fletcher joins host Lucas Hendrickson for a trip down memory lane, recalling his earliest memories of the distillery and tracing his road back to Jack Daniel’s.




Episode 6 : Take a trip on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail with Jeff Arnett and Heath Clark

Distillers across Tennessee came together to launch the Tennessee Whiskey Trail in 2017. On this episode, Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett and H. Clark Distillery’s Master Distiller Heath Clark join host Lucas Hendrickson to discuss their involvement and what the trail means for Tennessee Whiskey.



Episode 7 : The History of Jack and the Military with Brand Historian Nelson Eddy

On this episode of Around the Barrel, Jack Daniel’s Brand Historian Nelson Eddy talks with host Lucas Hendrickson about the unique role of whiskey in our nation’s military history, how General George Patton and his troops helped introduce Jack Daniel’s to Europe, how the US military continues to be one of the best friends of this quintessential American brand today, and how the distillery continues to support our service members and their families through its Operation Ride Home program.



Episode 8 : Chase Rice Showed Up  

On this episode of Around the Barrel, country singer-songwriter Chase Rice talks music, how much thought he puts into his appearance (hint: it’s minimal), the importance of staying true to yourself and what he’s sipping on while writing songs and on stage.




Episode 9 : The Art of Storytelling in Advertising   

On this episode, ad man Ted Simmons discusses how a trip to the distillery in 1965 inspired the legendary campaign known as “Postcards from Lynchburg” and built the foundation for his creative teams to develop more than 1,000 ads for Jack Daniel’s ever since.




Episode 10 : Omari Hardwick and the Power of Filmmaking

Around the Barrel caught up with actor and Gentleman Jack brand ambassador Omari Hardwick in Chicago to talk Real to Reel and the experiences that has shaped his career.




Episode 11 : NBA Legends In Lynchburg

NBA legends Robert Horry and Muggsy Bogues made a trip to Lynchburg for the NBA Legends Camp and stopped in for a conversation on this episode of Around the Barrel. 




Episode 12 : A Family-style Dining Experience Unlike Any Other

On the last episode of the season, Debbie Baxter joins us to talk Miss Mary Bobo’s, an international destination for a family-style southern meal shared with family, friends and strangers.