Brought to life with the help of executive producer Maxie McClintock, Janlataé’s short film Soul Fire is a timeless story of love and loss with messages that extend far beyond race, age and the cultural landscape of today.






Our 2018 Real to Reel winner is a St. Louis-born filmmaker who lives to spread bold messages of love and acceptance for all humanity. It gives us great pride to share his winning short film - "Daddy's Big Girl". 

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Writer, producer, and award-winning actor Omari Hardwick has always been passionate about staying true to what drives him. Learn where he and 2017 Real to Reel winners Janlaté Mullins and Maxie McClintock find inspiration to tell truer stories.

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Our exceptionally smooth, twice-mellowed Tennessee Whiskey is crafted like any good film—with a bold vision, attention to detail, and a whole lot of passion.