Episode 4 : Behind the Bar with Eric “ET” Tecosky


Eric “ET” Tecosky has been in the bar business since the 90’s and now serves as a brand ambassador for Jack Daniel’s. He’s a bartender by trade and travels the world talking whiskey and how to cater to guests to give them the best experience.


Eric "ET" Tecosky



Before we get started

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In this episode, Around the Barrel host Lucas Hendrickson and ET jump into the cocktail culture and the idea of making a great cocktail anywhere – from big cities to small towns and right at home. He also shares tips from his years of bartending and how to perfect the art of entertaining at home.


Join us Around the Barrel for the episode to hear more about ET and his thoughts on the perfect cocktail. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcast or wherever you get your on-demand audio.


For classic Jack Daniel’s cocktail recipes, visit https://www.jackdaniels.com/en-us/recipes.

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