Episode 6 – Take a trip on the Tennessee Whiskey Trail with Jeff Arnett and Heath Clark


Last year, the Tennessee Distillers Guild launched the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, a 30-stop whiskey tour across the state. From boutique-sized operations like H. Clark Distillery to well-known distilleries like Jack Daniel’s, the trail puts a spotlight on the specialness of Tennessee Whiskey.


Lucas Hendrickson joins Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett and H. Clark Distillery’s Master Distiller Heath Clark to discuss how the guild and trail came to be and how important the “Tennessee Whiskey” legal designation is to its members.




Visitors can get their free passport on www.tnwhiskeytrail.com or pick them up at select distillery locations. Those who collect all 25 stamps will receive a commemorative gift. Also available online is a 10-day itinerary for whiskey enthusiasts who want to complete the trail in a single trip.

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