Episode 9: The Art of Storytelling in Advertising


In 1965 when the popularity of television advertising was on the rise, a young copywriter at an advertising agency in St. Louis was asked to work on a print account no one else wanted, a small brand called Jack Daniel’s. Ted Simmons took the opportunity and through a visit to the distillery and time spent lingering on the square getting to know the people of Lynchburg, he quickly understood they were selling a place, not a bottle of whiskey.


Ted Simmons



Before we get started

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On this episode of Around the Barrel, Ted discusses how that trip inspired the legendary black-and-white ads known as “Postcards from Lynchburg” and built the foundation for his creative teams to develop more than 1,000 ads for Jack Daniel’s ever since. Join us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you enjoy your on-demand audio to hear more about Ted’s expertise that has been called upon by television producers and writers.


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