EPISODE 24 - Circling Back to Professional Imbiber Dan Dunn


Observing, writing and speaking about the spirits world is a very serious business, at least some of the time. On this episode, we talk with Dan Dunn, an author, comedy writer, podcaster, pundit and professional imbiber for the past two decades. He tells us what it’s like to have part of your life turned into a situation comedy, how circling back just causes more traffic jams, and how to order a perfect cocktail in the South (hint: on a first name basis).


Professional Imbiber, Dan Dunn



The world of spirits writing, and the sophisticated drinking culture that accompanies it, is a relatively new phenomenon. When author, TV and radio personality, and award-winning journalist Dan Dunn first suggested a drinks column to his editor at Metro International Newspapers in the early 2000s, the editor didn’t quite understand the concept. Today, columns, posts, articles and podcasts about cocktails and spirits are everywhere, while an entire genre of well-made cocktails served in a distinctive environment has become mainstream. 


Dan Dunn didn’t set out to be a beverage writer, or even part of that cocktail culture. As he tells it, he’s just really good at writing about himself. He worked with Hunter S. Thompson and penned a humor column before edging into the world of spirits through his humor. To date, he has written three books, including American Wino and Living Loaded, hosted radio shows on Sirius XM satellite radio, and has been a regular contributor to several outlets including The Robb Report and Bourbon Plus Magazine. He has also written for many well-known television franchises and had one of his books developed into a sitcom. Currently, he is the host of the What We’re Drinking with Dan Dunn podcast, where he is joined by many celebrity and well-known guests to talk about all things wine, beer and spirits.


For the final episode of Season 2, host Lucas Hendrickson sat down with Dunn to talk through his meandering career path and find out what it’s like to have your life turned into a sitcom. He also discusses the evolution of cocktail culture in the U.S., and how its path to popularity mirrors that of Jack Daniel’s. Join us Around the Barrel for a fun and entertaining conversation with Dan Dunn.


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