EPISODE 25 - Combating Coronavirus at Jack Daniel’s


As the world struggles to learn more about COVID-19 and how to effectively combat it, companies much more attuned to creating a certain kind of product find themselves needing and able to pivot towards joining the global fight. On this episode, we talk with Master Distiller Jeff Arnett about what the distillery is doing to accelerate its ability to join that fight, not only at home, but throughout the region it calls home.



Before we get started

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It’s no surprise that whiskey proves useful during a pandemic. But not in the way you might think. Sure, it helps make social distancing a little more tolerable, but as its key component – alcohol – has proven to be in short supply for sanitizing during the COVID-19 outbreak, Jack Daniel’s has stepped in to help.


Those on the front lines of the pandemic, from first responders to police officers to firefighters, need more hand sanitizer than ever, but there is just not enough in circulation. As an organization that always strives to support its community, whether it be here in Lynchburg, in our home state of Tennessee, or among our friends around the world, Jack Daniel’s could not sit idly by.


In this episode of Around the Barrel, host Lucas Hendrickson reconnects with Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett to find out how the distillery is using its raw materials to fulfill a growing need for hand sanitizer, as well as other ways the distillery is supporting the community during these uncertain times. With the help of our parent company, Brown-Forman, which has pledged $1 million of support to COVID-19 response funds, we are assisting our partners in the service and hospitality industry who are largely out of work, as well as international organizations selected by each of our global teams.

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