Episode 30 - Jack and Frank: A lifelong friendship


Frank Sinatra was perhaps known as much for his music as he was for his love of Jack Daniel’s. He famously described the Tennessee whiskey as the “nectar of the gods” and was a loyal friend of the brand throughout his life. On this episode, we talk with writer and producer Charlie Pignone and Jack Daniel’s brand historian Nelson Eddy about the deep relationship between Frank Sinatra and Jack Daniel’s. We uncover the real story about Sinatra’s introduction to the drink, how Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select came to be, and more.


Before we get started

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With more than 150 years of whiskey making under our belt, we’ve been fortunate to make some great friends over the years. And while we value each of them, nothing compares to our friendship with Frank Sinatra.


Frank was introduced to Jack Daniel’s in the 1940s when we were still a relatively small brand. It was love at first sip. Jack Daniel’s remained his drink of choice until his passing.


Sinatra liked his Jack two fingers on the rocks, splash of water and light ice. There was always a glass by his side when he performed, and he made sure his audience knew about it. Sinatra’s love for and authentic promotion of the whiskey created a flurry of demand that outstripped Jack Daniel’s supply. Fortunately, we eventually caught up, but the status of Jack Daniel’s was forever changed. All because of Frank.


On this episode of Around the Barrel, host Lucas Hendrickson teams up with brand historian Nelson Eddy to get the back story on the friendship between Ol’ Blue Eyes and Jack Daniel’s from Charlie Pignone, senior vice president of Frank Sinatra Enterprises and a producer and writer of numerous Sinatra-related books and albums. Charlie debunks the myth on how Sinatra first discovered Jack Daniel’s and explores the lifelong relationship between Frank and Angelo Lucchesi, one of Brown-Forman’s first salesmen.


It was Lucchesi who kept Frank stocked with Jack Daniel’s, and was instrumental in the creation of Sinatra Select, a special release crafted to honor our loyal friend. With the creation of this expression, which was as smooth and bold as its namesake, Sinatra became the first person to have his name on a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, aside from Mr. Jack of course.


Join us Around the Barrel as we celebrate a legend and his legendary friendship with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

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