Episode 41 - Jed Lirette: A Gift for Gab


Sometimes it takes venturing out in the world to appreciate things closer to home. But that experience can be invaluable when your role at home involves making others from across the globe feel at home, in your home.

On this episode, we talk with Jack Daniel Distillery Senior Ambassador Tour Guide Jed Lirette about his world travels, how the world is slowly opening back up after the struggles of the past year, and how it takes every kind of taste bud to ensure the quality of what comes out of Lynchburg, and Around the Barrel.


Before we get started

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Jack Daniel’s has friends all around the world. Every year, thousands of them make the pilgrimage to the hollow to honor Jack’s homeplace. And as a former world traveler himself, Jed Lirette is more than happy to show them around.

Jed grew up around Lynchburg, graduating from Fayetteville High School, and spent 5 years in the Navy. He then worked for the US Department of Defense in a deployable unit, which took him to Afghanistan three times. He also spent time in the UK, Dubai, Germany, Qatar, and beyond. Eventually, he made his way home.

Jed was hired as a tour guide at the Jack Daniel Distillery in 2015 and became an official whiskey taster shortly after. In 2019, he was named Senior Ambassador Tour Guide, a role he openly describes as “my favorite thing I’ve ever done.”

It’s also a job he was meant to do, as a former boss can attest. Simply put, Jed likes to chat. As a tour guide and brand ambassador, he gets to do just that, telling people all about the lore of Lynchburg, Jack Daniel’s, and whiskey making, whether he’s in front of the rickyard or in front of a camera.

On this episode of Around the Barrel, Jed shows off his gift for gab as he describes his journey away from and back to Lynchburg, his role as an official taster, and how the distillery is emerging and evolving post-pandemic. He also shares some of his favorite hidden spots on the distillery grounds and even reveals a little-known secret about the day Jack Daniel’s had no Master Distiller.

Tune in to experience Jed’s talent for talking, Around the Barrel.

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