The neighborhood you come from stays with you, no matter where you go. In summer of 2016, Jack Honey teamed up with Roc Nation to share the stories and culture of 3 neighborhoods, as viewed through the eyes of 3 homegrown recording artists. Discover the blocks that shaped their sounds, and check out this year’s page for more neighborhood flavor.




Detroit’s heartbeat can be felt in resurgent business and new sounds, like that of musician-on the-rise Mayaeni. Watch the Detroit native share the mix of old and new cultures that shaped her and are redefining the city. 

Dj mustard



South Central LA is a community built on beats. See why the area’s rich G-funk tradition and a budding contingent of aspiring DJs, producers, and emcees make its neighborhoods a breeding ground for rising hip-hop stars like DJ Mustard.






Philadelphia is home to 141-square miles of possibility. See how the city's diverse mix of neighborhoods made it easy for hometown heroine and musical Jack-of-all-trades Santigold to seek out new cultural flavors and cultivate new musical ideas.