Over the years, a great many things have been said about Jack Daniel. But no one can say with much certainty when exactly the man was born. 


September 1850 might be inscribed on his Lynchburg tombstone, but depending on who you ask, Jack was born sometime in September of 1850, September of 1846, or was it January of 1849? Accounts are conflicting, to say the least. A great deal of Jack’s life has been documented in vivid detail, but the finer details of his earliest days are murky at best.


Around here, there’s at least one thing we can all agree on: the earliest documentation of Jack’s birth was destroyed in a town fire. So no one can ever truly know his actual date of birth. It’s an ever-elusive tidbit of information, too old to verify by about 150 years.


Now, when it comes to celebrating Jack’s birthday, there’s little mystery to the matter. Rather than squabble over a single day to celebrate, we take the ENTIRE month of September to toast our founder’s life. 30 full days of birthday.


And it seems only fitting. Jack took his time making a Tennessee Whiskey up to his standards. Why in the world wouldn’t we take our sweet time honoring his life and legacy?