A friendship for the ages


The year was 1947. Frank Sinatra was sitting in a smoky New York City bar, just about to order a drink. It was at this point that his company for the evening, entertainer Jackie Gleason, made a drink suggestion that Frank would not soon forget: “Jack Daniel’s. That’s a good place to start.”


“Jack Daniel’s. That’s a good place to start.”

Few could’ve predicted the lifelong friendship between Frank & Jack that would follow. Frank was no stranger to love and loss, but when it came to Old No. 7, his affection was unflinching. Wherever Frank went, Jack was nearby. At the base of his mic stand on-stage. Aboard his private jet. Front row at award ceremonies. Even in his jacket pocket when he was laid to rest.


For Frank, living meant doing things “his way.” But when it came to whiskey, Frank always deferred to Jack.


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