Apple Jack Recipe

A year round favorite served warm or cold.

What's in an Apple Jack?

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How to make an Apple Jack

  1. 3/4 fill a highball glass with cubed ice

  2. Pour Old No. 7 over ice

  3. Top with apple juice 

  4. Add apple slice to garnish 

Let's talk whiskey and apple juice

There wouldn't be an apple without an apple tree and there wouldn't be Jack without an oak tree. After all, our American white oak barrels are more than a container for the whiskey; they’re really an ingredient. All of our Tennessee Whiskey’s rich amber colour and a good part of its distinctive flavour are drawn from the barrel it matures in. We couldn’t make the perfect whiskey for this drink without them. 


Apple juice is often overlooked as a mixer, as we tend to reach for mixers that are more familiar or on-trend. But we shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the humble apple, especially when mixing with whiskey. Whiskey and apple juice are partners in crime, complementing each other perfectly and creating a beautifully balanced taste. When the sweet notes of apple juice meet whiskey’s robust flavour, the result is a fruity, full-flavoured cocktail. If you like a bit of zing, check out our Jack Apple Fizz.


Should I drink whiskey & apple juice warm or cold?

The choice is yours. When cold, the freshness of the apple becomes the star of the show, but when warm, the richness of the whiskey takes over and feels like a reassuring hug.


Either way, whiskey and apple juice is a delicious combination. Whether you're looking for a summer refresher or a winter warmer, Apple Jack is bound to be a hit.



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