Jack Apple Lemonade

Jack Apple & Lemonade Recipe

A cocktail with bold, bright apple flavour.

What is in a Jack Apple & Lemonade?

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How to make a Jack Apple & Lemonade

  1. Pour over ice

  2. Top with premium lemonade

  3. Garnish with apple slices

Does lemonade mix well with Jack Daniel's Apple?

With crisp Jack Apple character and a squeeze of lemon, this is a unique twist on the classic Whiskey and Lemonade. The bright notes of citrus cut through the smoothness of  Jack Apple and make for the perfect mixer. Anyone who loves the bold taste of lemon will love this drink, especially in the sunshine.


What else can you mix with with Jack Daniel's Apple?

Jack Apple’s unmistakeable flavour pairs well with strong, punchy tones like ginger and cranberry, as well as lighter, floral essences like peach or blackberry. Fruit has always been a popular garnish because its freshness contrasts the robust flavour of whiskey.


Want to try another apple and whiskey combination? Try the Apple Jack, made with apple juice.



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