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Welcome to the Jack Daniel's Country Club. 


Founded by Frank Sinatra, the Country Club was only for his closest friends. When Frank once arrived in England decked out in classic British style — gray flannel trousers and a dark blue blazer with a crest — the local media went into a tizzy to determine just what royal house the crest represented. It became clear upon closer examination the crest was crossed golf clubs and a bottle of Jack Daniel's surrounded by the words:  "Jack Daniel's Country Club."  Frank had commissioned the patch for himself and a few close friends, and had them added to a custom-made blazer.


From what we can tell, Frank's club convened occasionally to share good stories and toast great friendships - and maybe a round of golf or two.  In that spirit, we felt it would be a fine tribute to continue Frank's club and extend some invitations.


A random and limited quantity of Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select boxes feature a hidden invitation to join our Jack Daniel's Country Club. If you happen to discover one of these invitations be sure to find your way back here to share the membership details for a courtesy membership. 


We hope you too will share the opportunity to gather with your closest friends to share a few good stories and toast your friendships. We're sure Mr. Jack would approve. And Frank wouldn't mind either. 


INSIDER TIP: If you come across one of our invitations we encourage you to extend it to your closest friends. Share your member number with them so they can join and become a part of the Jack Daniel's Country Club with you. Sort of a club within the club.


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Thank you for registering with the Jack Daniel's Country Club. You are now a part of the esteemed group Frank Sinatra founded for his closest friends.