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The Tennessee Travelers series honors Jack's desire to see the world, exploring the world of flavor found in whiskeys crafted in one place in Tennessee: The Jack Daniel Distillery. 

Sweet & Oaky

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Travelers Sweet & Oaky has a traditional 107 proof that intensifies the flavor and not the heat. The flavor is derived from the NEW American charred oak barrels. The mash is comprised of 80% Corn, 12% Barley, 8% Rye.

Caramel, vanilla and toasted oak. Concentrates on mid palate balance of sweet and oak
Balanced character. Sweet, oaky, medium body
Creamy and clean
Cocktail Recipe

Snow Day at the Spa


45ml Tennessee Travelers Sweet & Oaky

100ml soda water

3-5 mint leaves

Cucumber slices



1. Add mint to highball glass.

2. Press with muddler.

3. Add ice and cucumber and build cocktail.

4. Garnish with cucumber wheel stabbed with a mint sprig.



Cocktail Recipe

Fly South for the Winter


45ml Tennessee Travelers Sweet & Oaky

475ml frozen pineapple and strawberry*

120ml coconut milk

30ml orange juice



1. Blend all until smooth. Garnish with any fruit.

*Frozen fruit is great as it doubles as ice and helps chill down the drink.


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