Meet the Artists

Jack Honey, Jack Apple, and Jack Fire present The Flavors of Two Cities: A Toast to Music, Fashion and Art celebrating the contributions of multicultural creatives from Detroit and St.Louis. In a series of three short videos, we get a taste of each city’s artistic culture by capturing stories of local creatives making their mark. 

Through this program, Jack Daniels highlights the crisp, the smooth, and the spicy of each creative to showcase how they have matured their own craft in music, fashion, and art to add flavor to their city. Our three Jack Flavors brands are made with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, which is mellowed drop by drop, then matured in handcrafted barrels of our own making. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey  blends Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with hints of honey to give it a naturally smooth finish. Tennessee Fire blends warm cinnamon liqueur with the bold character of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 for a classic spirit with a surprisingly smooth finish. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple has the unique character of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey coupled with crisp green apple for a bold, refreshing, and exceptionally smooth taste.

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St.Louis, MO | @iamtonina


Singer/songwriter, bassist, music journalist, and poet, Tonina, was raised in St. Louis from Black and Sicilian backgrounds. She comes from a family of music lovers that exposed her to genres ranging from funk, soul, and jazz to classical. These components combine to give Tonina an unparalleled musical scope as well as the savvy to make each style her own.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music with two degrees, Tonina is recognized for her extraordinary voice and song interpretation and an incredible sense of rhythm and melody. She performs her original music along with arrangements of covers in Spanish, English, and Italian, making each performance—whether in her hometown or around the globe—a thrilling experience for all listeners.

Drummer B

Detroit, MI | @drummerb313


When Leonard Ware inherited his grandmother’s record collection, his lifelong passion for music transitioned into a career. The musicologist—known as Drummer B—appreciates diversity, with a love of jazz, rock, hip hop, ghetto tech, and funk. The native Detroiter’s in-depth knowledge and experience in music engineering, music production, manufacturing, deejaying, and executive producing has earned him credits on music and video projects worldwide.

Drummer B founded Soul Touch Recordings in 2010 to develop and brand his sound while producing high quality, noteworthy music. His luminous career has taken him on amazing global adventures including an artist residency in Cairo, Egypt, and an international tour in 2019. Even with 2020’s industry challenges, Drummer B recorded three highly successful stream performances.

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Not Sorry Goods

Detroit, MI | @notsorrygoods

A kick boxing class initially brought together Not Sorry Goods co-founders Dy-Min Johnson and Jessica Minnick. After sparring a few rounds, the two discovered they shared mutual interests and passions. Their friendship ultimately blossomed into Not Sorry Goods, uniting Detroit native Dy-min’s penchant for fashion and long-time thrifting habit with Jess’ inspiration from the city’s industrious spirit and authentically creative soul.


Not Sorry Goods reflects the pair’s mantra of doing good things and generating positive change that ensures a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable future for all. As a result, their dynamic Woman+Black+Latinix-owned business fosters inclusive opportunities as well as fashion in their community—from cultivating a diverse workforce and actively supporting equity in educational and resource accessibility, to creating dope clothing for people of all types, shapes, and sizes.

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Desiree Kelly

Detroit, MI | @desireekellyart

A former production manager/senior graphic designer for The Detroit Metro Times, Desiree Kelly is now an award-winning artist known for her artistry as the city’s premier portrait painter. The Detroit native was introduced to oil painting while studying Graphic Design at Wayne State University. Subsequently, upon finding inspiration in the environment, she cultivated a vibrant and distinctive style of visual storytelling.

Desiree’s portraits of public icons are historically immersive and reflect the narrative of her subjects by incorporating artifacts and phrases within each piece. Her work incorporates her characteristic mixture of “street art” and traditional oil technique and can be experienced through permanent and temporary public collections across all of Detroit.

Jayvn Solomon

St. Louis, MO | @jayvnize

Jayvn Solomon credits the eclectic array of experiences, interests, and technical skills he’s developed since college with guiding his professional evolution as an experiential and environmental designer. From storyboard to installation of physical spaces, exhibits, and branded experiences, Jayvn has collaborated with artists, architects, engineers, and fabricators as well as coders, urban planners, zoologists, among many others.

He describes his work as residing on a spectrum between story, impact, progress, and connection—combined creatively to answer tough questions, address challenges, and spark solutions. No matter the project, his philosophy and methodology remain rooted in the nuanced balances between pushing limits of progress, environmental sustainability, and social equity.