A drop of whiskey couldn’t ask for a better start


Cave Spring Hollow is Lynchburg’s greatest natural resource. Drawing 800 gallons of water from miles below the Earth’s surface every minute, it’s our whiskey’s lifeblood. Crisp, cool, and a constant 56-degrees.


Jack Daniel purchased the hollow and its surrounding land for $2,148. Which, at the time, was a fortune and then some. An amount most people would be hesitant to part with, no matter the investment.


So what did Jack see in the water that made the cave spring such a necessity?


Absolutely nothing. As in no sediment. No impurities. Just clean, pure, spring water. It’s about as natural as you can get.


The Jack Daniel's Statue


The cave’s layers of limestone naturally impart a variety of minerals to the water which contribute to the character of Jack Daniel’s. More importantly, the limestone also removes iron from the water. Iron definitely has its uses, but it’s absolutely horrible if you’re making whiskey.


Every bottle of Jack Daniel’s sold around the world is made with the water from this source. And with how important the Cave Spring is to our whiskey’s character, we figured it deserves only the best care. Take a look at our water conservation efforts.