Our Whiskey is Amber, But Our Distillery Strives to Be Green

Seems today most everyone gives more thought to recycling and sustainability. But in Lynchburg, TN, we've been doing that for as long as anyone can remember. Reusing whatever we can is a time-honored tradition.

"Reusing whatever we can is a time-honored tradition."



Amber Whiskey

So the spent mash that's left over after the whiskey's been distilled off, gets fed to some very lucky local livestock. The steam that's used to draw the alcohol off the mash? That's generated by burning sawdust from local sawmills. When our tasters tell us it's time to change out the charcoal in one of our mellowing vats, the used charcoal is sold as smoking pellets or briquettes for grilling. And since Old No. 7 only matures in new barrels, used ones are turned into all manner of household items or shipped off to our friends in Scotland, Louisiana, Puerto Rico and a few other places.


For years now, we've done things with a sense of responsibility and care for the environment. Just ask our cows!