How many barrels are available? 


We’ll be auctioning off one barrel from each of our Barrel Trees which are located in Lynchburg, Nashville, Miami, Tampa, DC, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Las Vegas. So that’s eleven barrels total. 


When does bidding start? 


Bidding starts December 1st at 12:00am and ends December 21st at 12:00am.


What’s the starting bid?


Starting bids for the auctions are $500 USD. You can bid on more than one barrel.


Do we pay for shipping on a winning barrel(s)?


Shipping is included. So there will be no additional charge over the winning bid amount. You can read our Terms & Conditions for full information.

I’m outside the US, how can I bid?


Sorry, folks, but the ASYMCA is only able to accept bids from our friends in the US at this time.


If I win, is this tax deductible? 


Since this auction benefits Jack Daniel’s Operation Ride Home, you will be able to deduct any amount paid that exceeds the value of the barrel - $183 USD plus shipping.


Can one person win more than one barrel?


It is possible to win multiple barrels if you are the high bidder on them.


Can I request that a barrel not be finished if I win?


Although we were planning to bring these barrels back to town to have them finished and signed by Master Distiller Chris Fletcher, you can request that a barrel be unfinished if that is your preference.


What are a barrel’s dimensions?


Our barrels are 22” wide at the top, between 26-28” wide in the middle, and 36” tall. The middle width of a barrel can vary a bit since wood expands at different rates. So each barrel is unique.


Any chance we can get some of the whiskey that was in this barrel? 


Sorry, but these barrels are empty. You’re bidding on an empty barrels used at the top of one of this year’s Barrel Trees. No alcohol will be included as part of a winning bid. 


Do you plan to have an auction like this every year?


We’re not sure yet. But if this auction is a success and our friends enjoy it, then it is possible it’s something we’ll try again in the future.


Is there a way to get a barrel besides this auction?


The Barrel Shop sells our retired barrels directly and through our online store here in the US: You can stop by in person to pick up a barrel, order one through our website for shipment anywhere in the US, or give them a call at 1-888-221-JACK> 


Where can I see the Barrel Trees?


We raise our annual Barrel Tree here in Lynchburg each November and light it a few weeks later. This year, our official lighting is November 20 at 5:00 p.m. But you’ll be able to stop by and see the Jack Daniel Distillery Barrel Tree until the new year. Our local Barrel Trees in Nashville, Miami, Tampa, DC, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Las Vegas will also be available for viewing through the end of December. 


How can I support ORH other than this auction?


Our friends can donate to Operation Ride Home year-round through our website: 


I’m a junior enlisted member of the US Armed Forces. How can I apply for help from ORH?


If you’re a member of the US Armed Forces interested in the program or have a family member or friend who might be, you can visit this page for more information:


Tell me more about Operation Ride Home. 


Since 2011, Operation Ride Home has assisted 7,323 service members and their families to travel from their bases to homes across the country. Troops from every branch of service have been assisted and traveled locations around the US. To learn more, visit


Tell me more about the ASYMCA: 


The Armed Services YMCA includes 16 dedicated branches of the ASCY national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. They provide support services to military service members and their families all over the world, with a particular focus on junior-enlisted men and women — the individuals on the front lines of defending our nation.