Episode 14 : What's a Tennessee Squire?


Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Squire Association dates back to February 1956 when it was formed as a short-term solution to an unexpected whiskey shortage at the distillery. Following World War II, the demand for Jack Daniel’s whiskey was higher than production could keep up with, and the sales team searched for a way to keep customers around the country happy while supplies were low. Many loyal fans wrote to the distillery to tell of their challenges in getting their beloved Tennessee whiskey. The distillery responded to each fan with a personalized note and a plot of land, a square foot of unrecorded property at the Jack Daniel Distillery, making them part owners, or Squires, and the first members inducted into the Tennessee Squire Association.


Goose talks to host, Lucas Hendrickson

Before we get started

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Today, members are invited to special events in Lynchburg and across the country. When they visit the distillery, they’re welcomed by Randy Baxter, who’s better known in town as simply Goose. Goose has been with the distillery for 42 years and now heads the Tennessee Squire Association. 


In this episode of Around the Barrel, we sit down with Goose and chat about the origins of the program, his role, and some of his favorite stories including overalls, a skunk and how he got his nickname. Listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and wherever you get your on-demand audio.


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