Episode 42 - Jack Daniel’s 10-year-old Aged Tennessee Whiskey: A new whiskey with old-school roots


It has always taken a fair amount of time to craft a product like Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. It also takes a lot of experience, talent, and of course, patience, to find opportunities to develop a new form of excellence within those toasted white oak barrels. On this episode of Around the Barrel, we talk with Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Chris Fletcher about Jack Daniel’s 10-year-old Aged Tennessee Whiskey, the new yet old-school offering from the Distillery, as well as how teamwork helped make this expression a reality and how honoring the legacy of Mr. Jack sometimes requires one to just hurry up and wait.


Before we get started

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We’re not big on rushing things here in the South. We might take a little more time to get things done or talk a little slower, but we’re still just as focused on doing things right. Maybe that’s why we have such a knack for making exceptional whiskey. Like Mr. Jack believed, “Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can,” and patience has always been a key part of that.


In his heyday, Mr. Jack, who was known to enjoy pushing the limit, put that patience to the test by creating a series of age-stated whiskeys that included a 10-year, 12-year, 14-year, 18-year and even 21-year aged whiskey. 


Chris Fletcher, our current Master Distiller, also happens to enjoy experimenting with the whiskey-making process, while always giving a nod to the past. With the Jack Daniel Distillery in his DNA, Fletcher has extensive knowledge of the diversity of products that came out of the Distillery from the earliest days. He is a firm believer that exploring the Distillery’s past can lead to great things, and he often looks back for inspiration.


Mr. Jack’s age-stated series has long been on Fletcher’s radar, and when the time was right, he and his team moved barrels that had been aged for nearly eight years on the top floor of one barrelhouse to the bottom floor of another to create Jack Daniel’s 10-year-old Aged Tennessee Whiskey, the brand’s first 10-year age stated whiskey in more than a century.


On this episode of Around the Barrel, host Lucas Hendrickson interviews Fletcher about the genesis of the new product as well as the characteristics of this 97-proof whiskey.


Because whiskey is so often at the mercy of the elements, Chris set out to create an age-stated whiskey without a target date in mind. Fortunately for all of us, it only took 10 years for something incredible to develop, although in the world of American whiskeys, it’s practically ancient. 


Jack Daniel’s 10-year-old Tennessee Whiskey is available in limited quantities nationwide beginning today, August 25. Until you get your hands on a bottle, join us for a conversation about this celebration of modern whiskey-making that pays tribute to the past, Around the Barrel.


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