The "Good Friday" Bottle


Friday evenings in most jobs are anticipated for being the start of a relaxing weekend. However, the first Friday of the month is a little different than the others here at the JACK DANIEL DISTILLERY. There's a bit of excitement in the air and everyone has a spring in their step. And, for good reason. 


The first Friday of each month is known to Distillery employees as "Good Friday". It is on this day they are awarded a bottle of JACK DANIEL'S Old No.7. It is our way of showing our appreciation for the hard work they do every day. 


For Junior, Brian and Beckham, this is one of the reasons they love working for JACK DANIEL'S. Every day these three colleagues from storage fill and conquer the barrels weighing up to 500 lbs each - rolling them by hand over the ancient rails on the ground. It is a hard job we take for granted. And the "Good Friday" token of appreciation is a tradition that dates back to our founder, Mr. Jack himself.

From time to time, employees are surprised by a slightly more unusual bottle. This may be a limited Legacy Edition or an edition in memory of one of our great Master Distillers. Once it was a rare 1-liter bottle intended for export only and not even sold on the American market. The following Monday, one of the staff found out that the bottle was worth about two hundred dollars. He thought about it for a moment, then relaxed to note that he had spent his weekend enjoying a very expensive whiskey.

As people here know, there are some extra benefits for making the JACK DANIEL DISTILLERY whiskey - and there isn't much better than drinking JACK DANIEL'S with good friends on Friday night after work is done.