EPISODE 26 - Finding Your Cocktail Flavors at Home with Eric Tecosky


On this episode, we talk with longtime bartender and Jack Daniel’s brand ambassador Eric “ET” Tecosky about how the introduction of flavored whiskies broadens the spirit’s appeal while creating new opportunities for great cocktails. He shares his insights on the newest member of the Jack Daniel’s family, Tennessee Apple, and the best ways to enjoy it, as well as other Jack whiskies, in cocktails crafted at home.


Before we get started

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There’s no way around it. Social distancing is hard. We’re missing out on many of our favorite activities, places, and perhaps most importantly, time with our friends and loved ones. But time at home can also mean new opportunities.

If you’ve always wanted to improve your cocktail-making skills, there’s no time like the present, and with technology, we’re creating innovative ways to gather for a drink.

On this episode of Around the Barrel, bartender and Jack Daniel’s Brand Ambassador Eric “ET” Tecosky returns to share his tips for honing your at-home bartending abilities and gives a sneak peek into some of his latest recipes.

ET has spent nearly three decades behind the bar dreaming up new and innovative cocktails, but his advice to anyone making drinks at home is straightforward – keep it simple. Start small with just a few ingredients that you already like and have on hand, and go from there – a base, some soda and a squeeze of lemon, for example. You can then start swapping things out as your tastes and skills evolve.

Fortunately, Jack Daniel’s newest flavored whiskey, Tennessee Apple, can be swapped into nearly any cocktail with delicious results. The fresh apple flavor and aroma are complementary to many spirits, even those beyond the Jack Daniel’s family. When ET received his first sample, he was eager to develop recipes around it, and quickly found that it worked in everything – an Old Fashioned, a Margarita, a Mule, a Manhattan, a Spritz or even a Boulevardier. Whether using only Tennessee Apple, or splitting it with Gentleman Jack, Tennessee Honey or another expression, the results were worthy of any bar’s cocktail list, making it a welcome addition for those at home.

Whether starting with the basics or trying one of ET’s original recipes, like his spin on a Mai Tai called the Tennessee Tai, all are guaranteed to build your bartending confidence while satisfying that craft cocktail craving. And since a drink shared with friends just tastes better, ET has advice on how to create a new happy hour tradition, virtually. Join us as we raise a glass Around the Barrel.

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